Nice to meet you!

Hey! I'm Mary. I am the owner and operator of Branded Bay Photography.

A few facts about me: I love coffee. I love the outdoors. I love stormy days. I am a big advocate for mental and emotional health. I am a jack of all trades. I am always learning and growing in everything I do. Just chasing my dreams one step at a time! (or more like two steps forward, one step back, but I'm getting there!)

Now, about photography. I have always LOVED taking photos. It always fascinated me how you can capture feeling, energy, and mood in an instant and hold onto it forever. My goal is to capture those important moments for you. It could be anything from your wedding day, engagement, or graduation to "hey, I paid off my student loans!" or "I need a confidence boost" or if you even just need some new photos for social media. I am here to capture YOU. You in all your beautiful glory. YOU, who has been through a lot. Everyone deserves to see themselves through a perspective outside of their own, a perspective that isn't a mirror or a reflection in a window. I am here to help you see yourself how others do.

I look forward to hearing from you!